Use of electroplating 

Plastic electroplating is called the coating of a plastic surface with metal with firm binding between them, via chemical and electrolytic activity. This way we can combine the advantages of plastic, such as the light weight, the easy and economic production and bending with the advantages of metal surfaces, such as protection from corrosion, conductivity and rigidity. The most important advantage, however, is the decoration of plastic.

Plastic electroplating is applied mainly in the car or furniture industries, in home appliances, in the manufacture of jewels, buttons and clocks, in electronics, in arming systems and generally in any application of plastic objects where it is required decoration, protection or conductivity.

Our company corresponding to the requirements of its customers offers many finishes, the more important of which are the following :

1)Chromium, in the classic silver color with the metal gloss surface. The harder and more durable finish, suitable for the most demanding applications of objects in aquatic environment or objects that come continuously in contact with human hands.


3)Brass, in the color of gold


5)Black nickel


7)Nickel satin, with of without chromium coating