Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the plastic electroplating ?

Plastic electroplating is the coating of plastic objects with metal, with firm binding between the two components, via chemical and electrolytic activity.

Which needs led to plastic electroplating ?

Main reason for plastic electroplating was the increase of sales of plastic objects with metal decoration. Slowly, however, this was transformed to replacement of heavy metal parts by lighter, cheaper and easier to produce, plastic mouldings. The plastic electroplating has achieved big growth with the development of multilateral ABS that was proved most suitable for thebest adhension of metal.

What are the advantages of plastic electroplating ?

It combines the advantages of plastic (small weight, bending, easy and economic production) with the resistibility in the corrosion and bending of metals. It also increases the aesthetic look of plastic with the suitable finish.

What is the lifetime of plastic electroplating ?

It depends on the quantity and the type of metal. With the right apply of electroplating, it is more or less equall to the lifetime of the metal coat.

Which are the applications of plastic electroplating in our modern life ?

Plastic electroplating has multiple applications in our modern life. Domestic utensils, marine equipment, electrical and electronic appliances, car accessories, manufacture of jewels, perfume industries etc, constitute of the main applications. It is also recommended for all plastic parts we wish to decorate and protect from corrosion.